Terms of Reference: Trainer for training course on TV online production

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Terms of Reference: Trainer for training course on TV online production

The Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM) works to promote press freedom, access to information and freedom of expression through production and dissemination of independent media and implementation of community projects. CCIM is the legal entity behind VOD, Cambodia’s only independent, local, Khmer-language news network, with a multimedia platform that spans radio, website, online TV, social media, interactive voice response (IVR) and more. CCIM is currently seeking a trainer to conduct four courses of training on TV online production.

Project Overview

This activity is part of the European Union-funded “Promoting good governance by increasing access to information and strengthening the independent media” project co-financed by DanChurchAid (DCA).

This project aims to increase Cambodian citizens’ access to information and promote good governance and an independent media through building the capacity of citizen and professional journalists on technical skills, and by promoting independent media outlets.

The training aims to build the capacity of relevant staff members of CCIM in producing TV online program since CCIM has its own media team to produce media production and due to CCIM had transformed its broadcast program from radio production to online production, especially the production in TV online format. Moreover, the objective of the training is also to strengthening the independent media through professional and quality productions.

Objective of the Assignment

The objective of the assignment is, to build capacity to CCIM’s media staffs through delivering 4 training courses.

  1. Training for Filming, Photography and Editing Role of video producer
    • Filming for news and how to use camera in the field
    • Advance filming technique/interview
    • Photography training
    • Basic video editing
    • Editing technique
  2. Writing for TV and Online
    • Important of TV writing for news
    • Fundamentals of TV writing
    • Writing for difference kinds of news
    • Looking for stories and how to write original materials
    • Difference between writing for Online and TV
    • Writing for Online
  3. On-camera presentation
    • Fundamental of presentation skills
    • Presentation in the field
    • On-camera techniques
    • On-camera interviews
    • Presentation in the studio
  4. Producing TV and Online program shows
    • Type and format of TV programs
    • Elements of TV programs
    • How to produce attractive TV shows
    • The difference between TV and Online shows
    • Online show production

Scope of Services

The trainer will be responsible for:

  1. Develop the training curriculum of the training courses based on the proposed topics and contents of the training specified in the Objective of the Assignment
  2. Conducting the four training courses in schedules agreed with CCIM
  3. Produce training materials and handouts to the participants
  4. Administer pre-test and post-test evaluation to determine the gain of knowledge and understanding
  5. Prepare summary report of the training courses conducted
  6. Provide coaching to the participants in their actual production of videos at least two times per course, a day coach per time.


The methodology of the training should combine both theory and practical exercises, such as hands-on operation of video equipment and use of video-editing software. The training should also include actual production of videos for posting online.


The training will be conducted within the period of March to end of April 2018.

Experience and qualifications

The trainers or training providers should have the following:

  • Experience in developing and implementing training programs in the media sector
  • Experience in video production processes from planning, script writing, actual productions for online and broadcast TV programs
  • Experience in using industry-standard software for video production and editing

Work plan and schedule of deliverable

Key CCIM staff

The trainer will have access to the following human resources throughout the project:

  • CCIM Senior Project Manager: Can provide inputs regarding technical and overall comments on the training outline and training methodology.
  • CCIM Project manager: Can provide information on the participant profile.
  • CCIM Project assistant: Can provide logistic

Extent of authority

The trainer will have flexibility within the schedule but will have completed all deliverables by the deadline indicated above (May 7, 2018).

Any changes that would affect project implementation must be brought to the Senior Project Manager for consultation and approval.

Project budget

Please propose budget base on scope of work in this ToR and the budget propose must be include all of any tax.

Payment schedule

How to Apply:

For further information on this position contact to Mr. Him Khortiet, 060 425 777.

To apply for this trainer service, candidates or teams should submit a proposal outlining their understanding of the assignment, their unique qualifications for the assignment (including CVs of all team members), and their proposed methodology including budget, to e-mail jobapplications@ccimcambodia.org by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 9, 2018.

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