Terms of Reference: Conduct research and produce the ‘Challenges for Independent Media’ Report for 2017

The Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM) works to promote press freedom, access to information and freedom of expression through production and dissemination of independent media and implementation of community projects. CCIM is the legal entity behind VOD, Cambodia’s only independent, local, Khmer-language news network, with a multimedia platform that spans radio, website, online TV, social media, interactive voice response (IVR) and more.

CCIM is currently seeking a consultant to conduct research and produce the ‘Challenges for Independent Media’ report for 2017. The report will assess the level of independence of Cambodia’s media.

Project Summary

CCIM is seeking a consultant to conduct research into the challenges faced by journalist and media outlets in Cambodia in 2017 and produce a report outlining the key findings, examining notable developments in the media sector in 2017 and making recommendations for improvement. This activity is part of the European Union-funded “Promoting good governance by increasing access to information and strengthening the independent media” project co-financed by DanChurchAid (DCA). CCIM has been
producing a Challenges for Independent Media report each year since 2012. The 2016 report was a condensed version of the normal report issued ahead of a more in-depth 2017 report at the end of the year.

Overall Objective

To contribute to a more equitable, open and democratic Cambodia by increasing access to information, and promoting good governance and an independent media. Project brief This project aims to increase Cambodian citizens’ access to information and promote good governance and an independent media through building the capacity of citizen and professional journalists on technical skills, and by promoting independent media outlets.

The Challenges for Independent Media report aims to identify and analyze barriers to the development of an independent and pluralistic media in Cambodia. It plays a key role in monitoring the project’s progress in strengthening the independence and professionalism of Cambodia’s media sector, and particularly in informing project indicators related to the independence and quality of the country’s news outlets.

To achieve this, a consultant will be responsible for:

  1. Conducting research on the developments and challenges in the Cambodian
    media sector in 2017:

    • Compile secondary data and evidence on the development of independent
      media in 2016
    • Interview professional journalists and media experts in Cambodia (Khmer and
      foreign) to gauge their perceptions on the developments and challenges
      faced by the media sector in 2017
    • Identify recommendations for journalists, news outlets, the government and/or
      NGOs to strengthen independent media.
  2. Writing and designing the ‘Challenges for independent media’ report 2017:
    • The requested report format is detailed in the Work Plan section of this TOR
    • Graphs should be used as necessary to assist in visualizing data
  3. Presenting a draft report to CCIM (in English) and incorporating feedback and
    comments into the final version
  4. Translating the report:
    • The final report must be provided in English and Khmer. If the candidate is
      unable to write in both languages at a fluent standard, he/she should include
      professional translation in the budget proposal.


The consultant will collect both quantitative and qualitative data through interviews with professional journalists and media experts working in Cambodia, and by gathering evidence of developments and challenges faced by the media sector in 2017. The consultant should attempt to contact journalists from a range of locations, not just those working in Phnom Penh.


The Challenges for Independent Media 2017 report is expected to be finalized by middle of November.

Expertise Required

  • Excellent research skills for both qualitative and quantitative research
  • Knowledge of Cambodia’s media landscape and the challenges faced by journalists
  • Proven ability to research and prepare reports of a similar nature
  • Proven ability to write and present complex issues for a non-technical audience
  • Fluent English writing skills

Work Plan and Schedule of Deliverable

Key CCIM Staff

The consultant will have access to the following human resources throughout the project:

  • CCIM Organizational Development and Communication Director: Can provide inputs regarding technical and overall comments on the report output.
  • CCIM Project Manager: Can provide additional inputs regarding the list of professional media and Cambodian journalists’ contact details.
  • CCIM Project Assistant: Can provide logistical support in the lead up to and at the launch event.
  • CCIM Media Director: Can provide information on the media context and professionalism of journalists, as well media production and its challenges.
  • CCIM Communication and Advocacy: Can provide information regarding journalists’ deaths, and strengths and keys challenges of journalists.

Extent of Authority

The consultant will have flexibility within the schedule but will have completed all deliverables by middle of November.

Any changes that would affect project implementation must be brought to the Project Manager for consultation and approval.

For further information please contact 060 411 999 or visit the job’s page at https://vodhotnews.com/category/jobs-opportunity/

If you are interesting, please send the proposal with budget to jobapplications@ccimcambodia.org by close of business on 15th September 2017.


រក្សាសិទ្វិគ្រប់យ៉ាង។ គ្មានផ្នែកណាមួយនៃអត្ថបទនេះ អាចត្រូវបានផលិតឡើងវិញក្នុងការបោះពុម្ពផ្សាយ ការសរសេរឡើងវិញ ឬ ការចែកចាយឡើងវិញដោយគ្មានការអនុញ្ញាតជាលាយលក្ខណ៍អក្សរឡើយ។